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Outfit Collections Not on Nexus?


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Okay, so this question was spawned by something I saw for Fallout 4, but I had this issue with Skyrim back in the day too....I'd occasionally stumble across links (usually on some thread on this site) showing off MASSIVE selections of outfits and armors that simply didn't appear to BE on the sites I'm used to getting mods from.  I always sort of figured that all mods gathered on the Nexus, except for the ones which were too NSFW, and those ones all got dedicated download spots HERE.  I'm starting to realize that I may have been VERY wrong in this regard.  I've stumbled across links to vast galleries of Skyrim gals (using character models I don't recognize), showcasing collections that I've never seen a single scrap of anywhere else, often with no real idea where to GET these mods from.  Recently, I accidentally found a similar link for Fallout 4 outfits (again, none of which I've seen here or on Nexus).  Can't find the link now, it was more of a lucky accident than anything else. ^_^; My best guess is that these outfits and mods come from players in other countries, who maybe have their own mod sites?  If that's the case, are those mods even USABLE in our country, or compatible with the Nexus manager?  Honestly been kind of fuzzy on this whole issue for years now, figured I might as well ask for a bit of clarity from those with more experience.  Thanks!

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