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Exposed vanilla armour replacers?

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With Remodeled Armor for UUNP you can use the zap options while building the sets in Bodyslide to remove parts of the outfits and make them skimpier. All of the mod's armors and clothes include at the very least the option to remove the panty (and thus leave the bits exposed), and most of them have other options like removing leggings or skirts or stuff like that.

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2 hours ago, Anon124 said:

Anyone know any vanilla armour replacers that show more than the average skimpy armour mod? Looking for stuff with exposed nips/genitals/both, like this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11951/? only issue with this is it's unfinished and doesn't include DLC. Preferably for UNP based bodies.


If you don't care if the modified armor looks that close to the original, you could try the Shinshi armor replacer.  It replaces the assets for vanilla clothes and armor from various existing lewd outfits that were originally part of standalone armor/clothing sets, for example some of the thieves guild armor is replaced with the "ripped body suit" mod, I think some of the robes/clothes come from pero packs, etc.  The only issues is that I think if you want to install it as a replacer, you would probably need to go through the support topic and figure it out from there, which some of the other people posting did.



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