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What HDT Do You Recommend?


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I'm rather confused and a beginner in modding, so please bear with me. What HDT do you recommend? I know there is HDT All- in-One, TBBP, SMP, and PE, but I have heard conflicting opinions on their quality and whether you should use them or not, so I made this post to get some clarification. Thanks.

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Downside of Bazingas PE is that for lazy idiots like me (i.e. install&hope it works), it's only for UNP? At least from what i've read in the description further steps would be required for CBBE. What i use for CBBE is the less famous "btasqan Hawt HDT Physics" and i'm also very satisfied with it. Imho perfect balance between shiny jiggle and realism. :smile:

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On 11/14/2017 at 1:25 AM, 27X said:

If you have no idea what you're doing get Bazinga's PE, it's almost idiot proof and almost perfect.

Agreed with the cat.  This is the best place to start.  His setup is the most mature one in terms of time invested and general compatibility.


PE and SMP are two competing HDT systems, both of which made by the same coder, Hydro.  PE came first and is for that reason better supported by the modding community at large.  SMP came after and has fancier collisions but far less ready-to-use stuff available for it.

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