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Need console command to force start "Battle for Whiterun"


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Basically the civil war questline is broken for me. After completing "A Message to Whiterun" the game simply refuses to start "Battle for Whiterun". I have no Civil War mods installed and am using the Unofficial BugFix patch so I have no idea why the quest is broken.


After giving Ulfric back his axe he won't give followup orders. Hacking the game to force him to give those orders didn't work: A Message to Whiterun gets completed but the followup quest doesn't start. Using the console command "Setstage CW03 240" to complete Message to Whiterun produced the same broken result. Battle for Whiterun simply refuses to start.


I can't use the normal console command to force start Battle for Whiterun ("Setstate CWSiegeObj 1") since the quest also requires a city Alias object to start properly. So my question is: Is there a console command I can use to force set an Alias object to a quest? Or any other workarounds/mods that will allow me to force start Battle for Whiterun? I am knowledgeable with the Creation Kit and scripting if anyone has manual instructions on how I could create a temporary hack mod to fix this.

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None of those Quest console commands cover what I need to do to fix the error (change an Alias object of a quest). I suspect such a command doesn't exist since it comes closer to modding the game then it does as a bug testing command.


As for disabling all my script heavy mods... whew. I think I'll just skip over the Civil War in this playthrough rather than disabling SkyRe, Moonlight Tales, and Deviously Cursed Loot then re-enabling them. Lord only knows what kind of insane corruption that would do to my save.


Thanks for your input. I might just return to Ulfric a bit later after I clear out some other quests and see if he's not being a nitwit then.

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