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SD+ greyed out quests & Hired Thugs encounter?

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Wanted to ask here since the SD+ guys are busy but how do the greyed out quests in SD+ work exactly? I'm talking about the ones like The Truth, Indentured Servitude, Gold for the Wicked & all the other secondary quests that appear in the MCM but are unable to be interacted with. I know about the usual enslavement & Spriggan quests, I'm not asking for help on those. The greyed out ones I've listed don't have any info on their MCM in-game, in the mod's page & on their Github page & the modders themselves haven't gotten back to me yet so is there anyone here who knows how those quests work?


Also how can I get Hired Thug attacks from the vanilla game to trigger more often? SD+ says they use them as an event where they can take me to whoever hired them to enslave me but I've stolen from mulitple NPCs & hours of gameplay later, they still have yet to come for me. Idk if it will actually work or not, but even if they don't I've been expecting them just to come & try to kill me like they do in the vanilla game & they don't. I go to areas I know where random encounters usually happen & towns where they attacked me on different playthroughs but they won't come for me now. Any advice on how to trigger them to come for me sooner would be appreciated.


Update: I see this is back at the front of the thread for the new LL. Noice, so anyone know whats up with this? I think one guy way back said it was a known bug but am not sure?

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