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Oblivion random NPC sex mod?

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without a spell in private area:

LoversBed: if 2 NPCs use the same bed ( or beds close together )  and no other NPCs are near they have sex ( random check, not the whole night )

In the ini you can enable/disable female-female and male-male sex.


LoversBed works with all NPCs, all NPCs with a sleep AI Package who share a bed.



without a spell but everywhere:

Lovers Joburg: NPCs stalk other NPCs and player. In the setting spell you can disable/enable or increase, decrease the chance  of  creatures, male-male, female-male,.... sex.

In the ini are more setting options.




You can tell your slave to work as prostitute at any location. If you do it in a tavern she/he will stay in the tavern and have sex with other NPCs. Of course you can do it in the middle of a town.




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