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  1. As stated, when i try to go pass the compact armorsmith workbench in the workshop menu, the game completely freezes. ive tried reinstalling awkcr but it didn't work. Here's the loadorder in case you guys see something that can mess it up
  2. Im looking for any mods that add various super mutant/raider structures like walls, building structures, props, etc. that can be put into settlements. specifically structures that are heavily metal, spiky, and look like what an Ork from WH40k would use
  3. Can't get anymore obvious then the title Im wanting to find a mod that lets me take NPC's (mainly raiders) as slaves via surrender or knockout. I tried to use Human Resources but for some reason the Knockout Framework mod wasn't working right, it kept saying i needed f4se even though I had it AND put the DLL in the right place... so yeah. If anyone knows of any good ones, let me know.
  4. im using the BYOHPlantersoil and following this guide, which is super easy. Step 1. place a planter soil step 2. place an Planter NPC in a made room separate from the main structure step 3. connect the planter to the NPC using linked ref. step 4. check if it worked THAT'S IT! when i do this though, i go into the building and get spam messaging saying "can't e planted here" even though they work
  5. I need a bit of help here modders. I'm working on putting planters down for a house. when I went in game, into my home, to test them a message keeps popping up saying something like "you can not plant here." It happens every time i enter and its super annoying. the main thing that's weird about it is that they work fine. Anyone know what's going on?
  6. i think i know what's going on. My follower is using static hair, but my player is using HDT hair!
  7. Here's what she suppose to look like:This is what she looks like in-game.
  8. Im sure this has been written 100 time now, but im having issues with SCK or Nifmerge. i've made a new follower, but the face I made for her isn't showing up on the npc. I followed this tutorial and used racemenu and nifmerge like they had said, but her face won't change to the one i made.
  9. Im trying to do the tutorial on how to make a Custom painting, AKA this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/744 Problem is, i cant get past step one for beginners. What i mean is that i dont have the AKB_Untitled it's asking for. I literally searched my entire computer for this word and nothing, zip, nada. So does anyone have a spare AKB_untitled they can lend me? or know where i can download one?
  10. i forgot to mention, im playing a guy. so i was looking for more of a.... i guess you could say Yandere? type of deal.
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