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Bodies are invisible when i am bound with devious devices

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i can create a character just fine and it works but as soon as any of the devious devices assets get put on my character the body legs and arms go invisible but the head does not any help with this will be very much appreciated.
i have all of the required mods for my mod lit i have triple checked and am using mod organizer to run my game and mods

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2 minutes ago, tortequesne said:

I finally found my answer. Sorry for the trouble and thanks to Mega Poster for his curtesy. 


So you read the second post, followed the link and found the solution.


If you are going to try sarcasm at least get the spelling correct. It's 'courtesy'.

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I can read and write in english. But as many people who have another first language, it take me more efforts. I spent a lot of time in researchs, trying to translate unusual words, wasting energy in things that would be automatic for you. So yes, when I found the "second post", I made a mistake, tired and frustrated as I was at this moment. I believed his problem wasn't solved. Finally, I found a clue in a french forum, tried, and solved my problem... That was indeed the same as Pebbles. So... Man... It's easy to judge behind your screen, and yes, I admit I may seemed dumb. That not allow you to be rude.  And maybe I do some typos when I write in english. In fact, I'm sure I did some in this message. But maybe we could continue in french to judge our language skills.. I'm curious to see how you'll manage it.  Anyway... Orthographic trolls are the worst. 


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