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An "Evil" Imperial Armor Mod?

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I'm looking for an armor to replace the imperial armor sets to look more sinister, powerful, and overwhelming. Something probably silver and sharp, like the Imperial soldier armor from Final Fantasy 12.







In other words, make them the galactic empire from star wars but still look a little lore-friendly.

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You can find any armor set you like and replace the Imperial armor with it using x-edit. 1) Make a new plug-in in x-edit and have the armor mod as a master. 2) Copy the leveled npc and  into your plug-in and overwrite their armor with your armor of choice. Done! That's just a quick idea of what to do. Might involve a few more steps. For instance, you could use this armor- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82282/? for a kind of "elite" unit if you wanted.  :)

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