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Visceral Studios R.I.P.

Darkening Demise

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Dead space was crap by the third game and the ending was so stupid, really REALLY? The moon was hungry REALLY? what the hell it was so stupid those markers were giant intergalactic eat at joe's signs for hungry moon monsters what a load. I really hated how the female character was this whiny cry baby almost the whole way through the game when she previously was not that way at all. The bad guy looked like doctor octopus from the spiderman comics lol so lame. Part three was much better looking than the previous two games and they totally ruined it just for multiplayer plus the guy handling everything was criticized at the time for making everything "equal" across all platforms in other words bad console port to pc. I remember reading a lot of bad reviews then and a lot of people were not happy about the game in general. When I first got the game I was really hoping it would be more action oriented and have a much longer single player game which it kinda did but the ending was just unacceptable. They left room for a new game in the ending but never made one. I guess the whole horror aspect would not have been possible without the markers anymore but the horror aspect was boring it wasn't scary it was just in the way of everything else.


Mass effect, dead space, keep it up EA you will be out of game studios to kill sooner or later.

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