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Bindings hdt (chains ect)

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I was wondering did anyone ever incorporate or make their own version of mods like this: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/45101-zaz-hdt-workshop-physics-extension-only-v00-alpha/ with hdt chains / ropes for bindings into their mod?


I know a lot of the bindings are more tighter to the character so there isn't really a lot of room for chains / ropes to dangle ect, I just thought the prospect behind it looks cool for realism effect to prisoners ect, wondering if anyone did something similar that I may have missed.

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the Devious Device Expansion development build has several of those type things in it. you can download it from Github (the link is in the development thread).

if you get the development build make sure to get the download from the development branch (not from the master branch).


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