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  1. I've actually started trying to fix the weight painting, but before I can do that I need the heel to scale properly with the foot. Currently the heel (shoe) is very very big compared to the foot, which gives the impression of a poorly fitting heel. I've tried scaling the mesh in outfit studio, but unfortunately it also scales the other heel across the X axis which eventually throws off the alignment.
  2. Hey Kirax, this is a great mod but there are some issues with the foot morphs that might have been inherited from improper weight painting. This was also a problem in SSE, but I'm not sure if this is a backported mod that also happened to backport the same weight painting issue. For example, in certain poses the shoes would stretch and look deformed. I know that it's definitely a conversion/weight paint issue because shoes from other mods (I use UUNP) don't have the same problem. For example here are how shoes are meant to look like from other mods: And here is the weight painting problem with your mod: So it might be worth revisiting the weight paints on the UUNP morphs and see if there's an extra bone there for no reason. I've discussed this problem with someone who then went on to ask around about the issue (this was a SSE foot problem) and he got back to me with some vague screenshots about an extra bone that was causing a problem. Might be worth looking into.
  3. I've noticed that in Skyrim SE (CBBE) There seems to be a problem across all mods that provide heels. When running mods through bodyslide to fit my current body, the heels seem to stretch the feet/toes and make it look elongated when in certain poses. I'm not entirely sure if this is a SSE problem or a CBBE bodyslide problem. As a comparison I run UUNP on Skyrim LE, and it doesn't appear to have the same foot stretching problem and it also appears that with the same pose, the weight paints appear to work normally. If anyone can help pinpoint what the problem might be and a potential fix, I'd be grateful. I'll post these pictures as a comparison: SSE: LE:
  4. This isn't a bug report but something I've noticed between LE and SSE and I was hoping someone might have some info about it. I've noticed that script initialization in LE is a lot faster compared to scripts in SSE. I've been modding LE since 2011 and have built a substantial mod list using MO, (SSE is a recent addition since 2019), meaning it has a much smaller mod list than LE. I don't run a lot of scripts on my games, and it's my usual policy to not install mods with scripts unless it's essential. One of those essential mods is SLAL Animation loader, which is what I based my comparisons to as an example. This phenomenon also extends to how fast and responsive the MCM menu is. I've noticed the MCM menu in SSE is a bit sluggish to load it's menus compared to LE. I've considered that it might be a Mod Organizer thing. Skyrim LE runs on Mod Organizer Classic v1.3.14 (a 32 bit program), while Skyrim SE runs on Mod Organizer 2 v2.2.2.1 (a 64 bit program). Running FNIS on ethe Classic edition of MO works out fine and finishes registering animations within a minute, while the same FNIS process in MO2 will run quite sluggishly and finish within 3 minutes or more. (Keep in mind that I keep similar amounts of animations between LE and SSE and that SSE arguably has less animations than LE) Does anyone have insight into this and why the speeds of MO1 and MO2 are so different and why MO2 is slower?
  5. I need your character as a follower NOW! XD
  6. No idea how NPCs function in the game if you move them via console, but I do know that summoning them via console multiple times can create clones. Other than that thanks for mentioning this location mod, it has some interesting screenshot potential.
  7. There's nothing broken. Technically facial expressions are only meant to go up to a maximum of 1 by default. This includes during SexLab animations. You are pushing the sliders all the way to 3 which is beyond what was intended by the game. So of course it's going to look wonky because the vertexes are being push outside it's limits. Racemenu allows you to put it up to 3 as a matter of giving you a choice to do so, and it's there to just adjust your character's look, not how they will make expressions during playthrough.
  8. If anyone is interested in knowing (and perhaps helping to confirm this problem with me), the left shift key is not responsive when using tfc commands to free up the camera. This also applies to the free fly camera mod; basically anything that frees up the camera. I specifically bind the left shift key to the reverse animation stage modifier. The right shift key works fine to reverse the animation stages in free camera mode, but if you rebind the hotkey to the left shift key, it doesn't work. I'm not a big fan of moving my entire left hand to the right side of the keyboard and then awkwardly pressing the spacebar while simultaneously moving the camera with my mouse when recording (or fapping). If I remember correctly, binding the reverse animation stage key to any other key also works fine, so this seems to only be a left shift button issue.. This problem doesn't appear to be present in the LE version, so it may be something that is present in the SSE base game itself or some wonky scripting conflict within SexLab. Either way it may be something worth looking into.
  9. Started the Dawnguard quest line to get some sweet crossbows.
  10. UNP and CBBE bodies are incompatible with each other. WIth that said, the vagina problem is simply a missing texture problem that can be easily fixed by downloading a more updated and recent CBBE texture pack from any mod that provides it. There are similar threads on about this problem. The one I linked in the previous sentence pointed to a mod here, where it is listed under the optional section giving you a lot of great patch options for the specific CBBE textures you are currently using. Let me know how it works out for you.
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