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How do i make multiple followers not OP?

Lunos XV

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I just want to have multiple followers around without them killing everything fro me. I want to be the hero not them, essentially i just want them to walk around with me and look prettty. Ideally i want them to just do 1 HP of dammage.


I tried the mod "amazong follower tweaks" and it's pretty awesome, it makes my followers idle around and do other stuff instead of standing behind me and stare at my character like retards. But when it comes to balancing the mod allows me to manually level them up or reduce their level and perks to their original value but it doesn't allow me to level them DOWN.


I guess it's only a problem at lower levels since you can for example reduce Rebekka or Mahito to level 20 (both of their default level) which wouldn't make them OP at higher levels and i can just use weaker followers at the lower levels but i'm just curious if there is still a way to make higher level followers not OP.

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ok if I understand you correctly you want eye candy following you basically


choices to achieve this are


1 - use of AFT (or similar) to level them down as far as possible, probably combined with giving them lousy weapons (as much as possible), possibly also combined with

     increasing game difficulty (either thru settings of addition of mods with harder stuff in them).


2 - getting weak followers and never leveling them


3 - getting followers you like then adjusting their combat abilities in the CK


you can get and use something like OBIS (organized bandits in skyrim) or similar mods to beef up difficulty


or if you really want to see a grand battle (it can make the civil war seem like childs play in comparison) read the spoiler


YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED if you do the spoiler




if you want to really amp up difficulty (in some areas, this will not do it for all areas) you can add the following mods

   SOTGenesis (adds more monster to most default dungeons {as well as a lot of wilderness areas}) - adjust settings to give a lot of extra stuff in area

   full Wenches series (Immersive, Deadly, Moar Deadly {Extra numbers of them if I remember right}, Forgotten, Judgement, and Hateful)

    (don't forget the armor and weapons addons that will make them even more powerful)

    Hateful Wenches can (and will) summon other wenches (and other things)  to fight on their side in battle (they can summon any enemy type wench), and some of the other

    wenches can summon stuff as well.

   Deadly Dragons (the dragon overhaul that makes them really really dangerous, I may have the wrong mod name there)


  turn up all difficulty settings to max


have them in load order of SOTGenesis, Deadly Dragons, then the Wenches series ... and may the gods have mercy on your souls (and system) when they synergize


I have seen that combination wipe out over half of Skyrim from a single fight (some of the wenches WILL chase you to the ends of the game {and beyond if you have areas beyond})




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