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BBP Things need fixing before its irreversible.


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Im a big believer in LoversLab and really want the mods contained within this community to grow, however right now alot of the mods are being built upon flawed foundations.


As the title of this thread would lead you to believe there are problems with BBP.


I would like everyone to pitch in and give feedback as to problems they have encountered with using BBP such as animations failing to play and such so these can all be addressed by those with the skills.



please not this is NOT a rant forum, this is for constructive feedback so skyrim can eventually have a worthy successor to BBB oblivion.

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OK ill start the ball rolling with the points I have noticed.


when you install BBP the purpose is to use it in third person or for it to affect enemies so you can admire the physics.


1: Blocking animations failing to play.

I feel that blocking is a big part in skyrim and when the animations fail to play it makes BBP a no go area for me. I'm not overly critical about little things like textures not being 100% perfect or animations sometimes causing strange effects but when an animation of so much importance is made redundant then I have to complain.


FIXED: CHSBHC_skeleton_arm_fix http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11811

Thank you Karoshikurenai for showing me that.



2: males strafing right causes right hand to turn in on itself.

This affects all male npcs + player and orcimer females. and is impossible to miss once you see it the first time. 'who would have guessed physics on the females would affect males too' I suspect this occurred when changes were made for orcimer females and the male aspect of their animations was overlooked.





I personally think it is the replacement skeleton that is causing these issues. if someone with the skill to create skeletons can try re-creating it that would be a good test. 'i do not mean simply copying the data across to a new skeleton file i believe it would need completely remaking rather than a quick copy paste job.'

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The bugs with BBP that I can't stand are:


1. "Reverse-gravity-upon-death"

The bug where when npcs die...about 6 seconds thereafter, their boobs shoot up towards their chin as if someone was sucking them up with a giant vacuum cleaner.

It goes away temporarily if you pick-up or move the body...but 6 seconds later...it's back.


2. Unrealistic uber-jiggle

Seriously, the boob jiggle is nice...but it's a little TOO much. I remember when the NoMaam mod came out for oblivion that toned down the bouce to realistic and sexy levels...that was a good fix. Luckily VadersApp has come out with a similar mod that bases the bounce on the weight-slider so thin chicks get minimal bounce and thick chicks get good realistic bounce.



I am going to try VadersApp's "BBP SCaled" mod tonight to see if it fixes both of these issues.


EDIT: Went back to the CHSBHC skeleton. Vaders Skeleton removed my Weight Scaling and all bounce if not 98% of it...even on big boobs.

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Are you sure your not doing something wrong? Because I think probably the majority of this community has never seen those things happen' date=' including me which makes me believe your just plain doing something wrong.



yes im sure, i am in no way new to modding. read the bug log on the core mods to make BBP work. The reason people don't complain about it is because it is in the bugs section.


As you seem to be quite a new member to the lab please try to be more constructive in your posts rather than a quick "your doing it wrong" as that doesn't help anyone but your ego.

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Ok the arm fix corrects the blocking problem, thank you for that karoshikurenai. however the strafing right problem still exists. I believe this lies in the animations or female orcs using male animations rather than female.

see screenshot.



People probably dont notice this as they dont play female orcs and male characters as commonly as any other female character.

'there are exceptions like me who enjoy beast races and orcimer too so please dont take offence to the previous statement'

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The main problem I'm having is floating breasts. With small or "normal" curvy, it's not a big problem. But once you start getting into H cup and higher, the breasts fill up with helium and start sticking straight out. I did get them to lay down when I installed CBBE after CHSBHC but once I touched Bodyslide, they started floating up. I'm afraid I'm going to poke someones eye out.

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The main problem I am having is with the lack of footstep sounds when using CHSBHC anims. It;s not a huge issue but takes you out of the immersion. When you walk there is no sound unless you sneak or draw a weapon or spell. That should be fixed.

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