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  1. I have no freaking clue why but I seem to be running into an issue where I am not able to repair this power armor. I have NO other ESM or ESP or ESL currently in my mod list other than this and obviously the main game. I have no idea what the deal is but I can no longer repair the armor. I can't even fathom why. Anyone have a clue.
  2. Does anyone still play this game? Also is it the only adult MMO out there?
  3. I just want to say GOOD JOB!! It might just be a slit but that's a start.
  4. I'm sure it doesn't, but it probably requires a file not listed in the description. Which is normally the reason for a crash with these kinds of mods. So unless you want to go about listing all your mods (being helpful), the fact remains the same Abyss armor causes a crash.
  5. I just wanted to point out that the Skull Armor has no BBB and the Abyss Armor causes a crash, other than that an amazing piece of work.
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