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Why did you come back to Oblivion from Skyrim?

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(Not sure if this should go in the Skyrim section or Oblivion, hehe).


I noticed alot of people (me included) who have played Skyrim, and after a short time come right back to Oblivion. What is your reason for this?


For me it boils down to a couple of things..


1: Lack of mods (specifically sex mods). This will fix itself with time and I might move to Skyrim some time down the road.


2: Bland quests. Skyrim is an amazing game. I love the gameplay improvements in it, but I find the quests quite bland compared to Oblivion. Oblivion's main quest and 4 guild quests are far superior to Skyrims.


3: Graphics. The game looks amazing, hell, it almost looks like real life. But they don't do it for me. A lot of it is lack of color - the game might as well be in black and white! I love the style of graphics they used with Oblivion and those keep me coming back...not to mention DMRA is not ready for Skyrim quite yet either.


Yes Skyrim is an awesome game, but a few key elements are needed to be filled in with mods down the road.



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I think it's not only those reasons you've mentioned, but something that one can't see but only feel - it's the Oblivion's warm, welcoming atmosphere, the world you're willing to come back to. Skyrim is very good, there's no doubt about it - but I don't feel like I want to replay it.

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I enjoyed Skyrim for what it was. In fact, the more mods I installed, the less I liked my play experiance. For the most part, besides basic body, crafting and content mods I like my Skyrim vanilla.


Oblivion on the other hand.... shit..... Oblivion was my fantasy playground.


True, I speak of mostly lovers mods, but I missed the freedom to simply play simply insane character concepts that just arent availible with Skyrim currently.


True, when you giveskyrim a nice custom CBBE body, the world can look pretty sexy, but thats about the extent of it. At least in Oblivion, the body type is only the beginning.


I just loath the insane install times when you have to reinstall all the mods. I'm currently staring that down right now.


Basic game is installed, but its going to take days to get the mods right.

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For one, Oblivion is warmer and has a lot more colors to it. I got tired of the greys and dark greens in skyrim. I hate this "realistic" approach Bethesda is taking with their landscapes. Where is the creativity from Morrowind guys? Oblivion graphically with QTP, OBGE, and Unique Landscapes results in some of the most beautiful and varied gameplay ever.


But the biggest reason is of course, the mods. Lovers and the other adult mods like CLS, Cursed Armor etc on this site are the biggest ones for me, but other monumental mods that I've used such as FCOM, WAC, Deadly Reflex, Better Cities, Unique landscapes, OBGE, QTP, The Lost Spires, Companion Vilja and more made Oblivion one hell of a gaming experience.


And while Skyrim may have similar mods already, I still prefer oblivion because of the atmosphere, more interesting quests, more skills (why did they get rid of acrobatics and athletics! I miss doing super jumps across the map!), and more mods in general.

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I am kind of surprised how many of us did not like the realistic style of the graphics in Skyrim. But I suppose it does come down to how inviting and enchanted Oblivion looks compared to the harsh, colorless terrain of Skyrim. Oblivion (especially with some key mods) does have a warm, mystical feel - similar to how the Shire made me feel in the LOTR movies - just welcoming and makes you want to stay there.



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I never went to skyrim. People cite 'improvements to gameplay' with that game. I have to disagree. In my opinion, skyrim has devolved from a series of excellent, and by excellent I mean *the* high-end role playing computer game series, to a standard console game. Loss of skill system, any real individual character development in terms of developing a specific 'type, class or genre' of character, and replacing those things with 'cool combat maneuvers' and 'dual hand usage' etc mean to me, its now 'resident evil' or 'mortal kombat' in the elder scrolls. Pass, thanks.


Oblivion remains the premiere role-playing experience to me; The experience that is as close as you can get to tabletop roleplaying on the computer. skyrim is just another console game as far as I'm concerned. Thankfully, talented people still mod for Oblivion. I'm sure after a bit, people will catch up on the mods for the other game; For now, I'm just happy it chugs along for the last of the great RPG's: TES4: Oblivion.

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Eh, I went back to Oblivion because I sit there and stare at the game and think "oh my god, I hate this and that, and ugh, this needs to be better" etc etc, but when Skyrim came out I thought, "maybe it'll be better" (although with the news that came out prior to release I was a bit skeptical), and of course: it wasn't. I realized that there wasn't much improvement. Apart from dungeons being much more enjoyable, I felt like Oblivion was a much more fun experience. (I don't want to turn this into "what I hate about skyrim post".


But I'm just saying Skyrim didn't live up to our expectations, so we go back to Oblivion. I'm sure you could go back 6 years and find people saying the same thing about Oblivion, and how they preferred Morrowind. I can't speak for Daggerfall 'cause that time-gap between the games is so large and I picked up Morrowind first and then went and played Daggerfall after playing Oblivion.


I saw a couple of people mention Skyrim's realistic approach, I dunno about other people here, I know a lot like ENB, personally I hate it. I went with the FXAA injector and upped the saturation a bit to help ease the dull colors.

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why did they get rid of acrobatics and athletics! I miss doing super jumps across the map!

Absolutely! I have a maxed out Acrobatics skill of 255 and use a Bashed Patch tweak to jump twice as high. There's also no falling damage anymore' date=' dunno why. Might be related to a high endurance. My favourite technique to move around in Cyrodiil is hyper-hopping like the Hulk. Makes it easy to jump down from Dive Rock to land in front of a baffled Torbern. Before, when I [i']was[/i] still taking falling damage, I had gear with 'Restore Health' enchantments just to recover from the health loss due to excessive jumping.


"Irene Metrick jumped clear across a table once..." Oh, wow.


The sluggish running speed in Skyrim, even when sprinting, made moving around in that game such a pain to me, sadly with no chance of ever increasing my character's speed attribute.

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i played skyrim then moved back to playing oblivion. however, after a week or two i switch back to skyrim. oblivion just feels too dated to me. the biggest thing that made me go back to skyrim were the annoying, over-dramatic voices of everyone in the game, especially the elf and guard voices. while skyrim didn't have as many features as oblivion, it didn't have any of the things that bugged me (e.g. psychic guards, annoying voices, square faces, etc). i'm just one of those people who can't look past stuff like that.

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I seem to be switching between the two.


Oblivion has the sex mods, and it gives me a good, zoomed in look at my character's face in character creation (WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THAT, SKYRIM?! WHY?!?!).


Skyrim is just a much more interesting world to me, though. More interesting quests, NPC's, dungeons, and all that.


Can't wait for sex mods to progress though. Methinks that'll be the turning point for me. Then again, I do love hulk-jumping across Cyrodiil with my stupidly high acrobatics skill :P

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For me it was mostly due to the fact that my computer is rather old at this point and Skyrim doesn't play all that well :( I get a good framerate in dungeons and that, but around the cities and especially when a dragon shows up...might as well be watching a slide show T.T


Of course the, uhhh, mods I have installed help keep me invested in Oblivion, but its largely because it plays at a decent framerate and, honestly I never played it before. I only sat down and started chewing through it a couple of weeks ago. So its still new and exciting to me :D


Maybe once I get my computer upgraded I'll move over to Skyrim, but not without seeing Oblivion to its conclusion (And if it just so happens the modding scene picks up by then then all the better :P )

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Guest GingerTom

Peter Jackson showed a preview of The Hobbit and people didn't like it because of the way he filmed it: It was too crystal-clear, didn't have that 'movie' feel to it.


Skyrim is too real-looking. Dreary colours. I want to play fantasy not reality.

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I alternate between the two. I love the graphics and improved races along with the dragon shouts and other new features of skyrim.


I can't stand the CK (just too different from the CS of oblivion and even the tool kits for FNV). I dispise how the armor is setup in the CK as it just takes so damn long to add one lousy armor (weapons are quick adds however).


The biggest reason I come back to oblivion is the lovers plugins. They are just too much damn fun! If lovers makes it to skyrim I will likely stop playing oblivion and just stick to skyrim and fallout new vegas. But who knows......

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The biggest reason I come back to oblivion is the lovers plugins. They are just too much damn fun! If lovers makes it to skyrim I will likely stop playing oblivion and just stick to skyrim and fallout new vegas. But who knows......


Makes two of us >.> It adds so much more to the game in my opinion. Makes it a lot more interesting.

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The red-headed stepchild treatment of the PC version left a sour taste in my mouth - the already crap interface being even more broken pre-patching, the fact it was released (in 2011) without LAA, the game crashing if you picked the wrong sound option and the tendency for the patches to break it even harder... blargh. I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to deal with that in addition to the "accessibilization" and the horrid interface.


There's a lot of promise to Skyrim and I will probably pick it up again later but I think Bethesda focused a little too much on streamlining. Refining is one thing but stupefying is another.

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Skyrim lacks sexy/stylish animations.

So true. Whenever I was using other combat techniques than my beloved bow' date=' I felt disgusted by the clumsiness of the battle animations. Stumbling swings, weak-looking blows and stabs, even the finishing moves didn't really do it for me. Compare these animations to the myriad of stylish and over-the-top fighting moves available for Oblivion, some of them ported from/influenced by action video games like DMC...


And don't even get me started on the running animations. Back when it came out, 'Syphon Filter' got ridiculed for main character Gabe Logan's running style - the '[i']filled diapers[/i] waddling run'. Skyrim's sprinting animation somehow reminds me of that. Oh, sure. It's the weight of the armor and stuff, adds realism. It still looks awkward to me. And there's no real difference in running style when wearing light clothes instead.

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Skyrim Realistic feature is probably one of the thing that can be exploited to maximum. If skyrim has all oblivion mod features the whole world will fap on it. At this point.. Not yet.


I'd stick to fallout.3 for all these features, one helluva adventure i ever had on my entire life and it never ever gets old.

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