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General Scripting Help (Forcing third person view)

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Instead of creating a new thread each time I need help with a script I'm just going to use this one. I know how to remove forms in a form list in the geck, but what's the proper way to clear a whole list through a script? I see there's a RemoveForm command but that would only remove one, I need them all cleared. Thanks for any help.

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I ripped this from SexoutSlavery:

		label 1
	if(ListGetCount SexoutSlaveryExtraMasters > 0)
		ListRemoveNth SexoutSlaveryExtraMasters 0
		goto 1

Pretty much what I use everywhere. I believe prideslayer was going to add a function for that in the Extender, but I'm not sure if he ever got around to it.

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New one. What's the best way to force the player into third person? DisableplayerControls will force them into first person but I don't see a way to do third.

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I did see TapControl while googling' date=' but would that still work if the player has changed their key binding for 3rd person?



Yes, TapControl isn't a specific key, it's the control no matter which key the user bound to it. 13 is the POVControl (which I think defaults to "f").

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awesome thanks.


Whenever you see a function with "Control" it affects the currently bound key to a control. Whenever you see "Key" it affects a specific key on the keyboard regardless of what it is bound to.


It's why SmallerTalk checks for :

if IsControlPressed 5 ; the currently bound activation control

and not:

if IsKeyPressed 18 ; the e key

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