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Is there a... or does anyone have a...


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Not sure but you could try getting the CBBE version and use Gerra6's mesh rigger to add the bone node to the UUNP body. Just make sure to run it with skin only turned on.


Hm will try this cheers, I have tried a hack slash with nifskope, the bones and xml to no avail, never tried this mesh rigger before but will have a go.


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Hm, so I tested it out using meshrigger, managed to get the bones copied over into my body mesh (did 0 and 1 weight individually to match the cbbe body).

checked my body meshes in outfit studio to confirm the bones copied over correctly and the weight paint looked more or less good enough, still no movement whatsoever in game.


Now when comparing the cbbe body and my uunp body in nif skope, they're more or less identical interms of bones etc, so I cant figure out why its not working.


I'm screwing around with the hdt xml atm but tbh I don't really think the issue is there because if I switch bodies and update in game with a re-equip/cell change all the hdt movement is there for the cbbe..

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Okay cool, I got it working thank you! For anyone else interested in this, I used mesh rigger to copy over the new bones to my body as described by myuhinny.


I was scratching my head for a while because I didn't notice that new meshes produced by mesh rigger would have the extradata for hdt removed, so I put that back in and now it's all good in game save for a few needed bounce tweaks.


Thanks for the help!

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