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How to convert/import fallout NV or Skyrim meshes into fallout 4 ? (whitout using blecner or 3dsmax)

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For projects (if the community still wants to invest time on fallout 4), I wish to implement things from fallout NV and skyrim to Fallout 4 :


- gore rifle :



- modifying the head and textures of the darillon : I wish to make change the head of the bug by using the chaurus hunter one.


- import the chaurus into Fallout 4 ?


- import fallout NV raiders outfits into fallout 4.



- import/modifying fallout 4 far harbor creatures into fallout 4.


- body mutations. I dont suceed to use the deathclawbody for fallout 4, but maybe the one in Fallout 4 new vegas breeders can be usefull...


The only way I found is extract the meshe by using nifskope, and import it in replacement to meshe into a fallout 4 file, but the meshe doesn't fit well (and usually, the orientation is a non sense !).

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If the outfits don't have sleeves or pants you might be able to use outfit studio. The main problem you will face is that fallout 3/NV oblivion skyrim and fallout 4 all use different poses. So you can't port something into fallout 4 without first changing it's pose to fallout 4. You might also have to zap parts like boots if they are one mesh so that you can split them into 2 mesh for easier adjusting.


I have used the skyrim outfit studio to port fallout 3/NV oblivion and fallout 4 to skyrim. The fallout 3/NV nifs were able to load into outfit studio oblivion I had to export each item piece in the nif .OBJ using nifskope then load them into outfit studio fallout 4 the outfits had to have no pants and sleeves they could have gauntlets as you can zap them to split them so you can fit them to the body. The first thing I had to do though before trying to port any fallout 3/NV or oblivion meshes was to run them through Gerra6's pose converter to convert the pose from their pose to the skyrim pose. Unfortunately the pose converter does not work for fallout 4 so it will not work and will only crash the tool.

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