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How to uninstall all my sex mods ?

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well the title is obvious so here i am making a move to change my Skyrim to it`s normal behavior .

the real question is that is there a way to uninstall all my sex mods at once (of course including sexlab)
without any harm to my game or to my saves
believe me when i say my sex mods i mean i almost installed all the sex mods from this site  :D 
recently i have installed hentai pregnancy and i have installed the pregnancy scaling mod and apply its affect from the bodyslide tool and . so all i need is to choose another group to set the outfits on it right ?

if there is any simple way to uninstall all of them please explain to me how  :) 

i have decided just to keep my game simple  :)

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the real question is that is there a way to uninstall all my sex mods at once (of course including sexlab)

without any harm to my game or to my saves




From what you said... the answer is no.

You will likely kill any of your saves that use whatever load order you are using.


As for uninstalling what you have, assuming you use MO or NMM, most mods will be a simple click away from being uninstalled.

Anything done manually will also have to be cleaned as such.

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(1) Manual install

Remove all the files. Good luck to find all of them.


(2) NMM

uninstall using NMM


(3) Mod Organizer

uninstall using MO



After that, in all 3 cases use a save game cleaner.


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Some mods allow you to disable them in MCM, go ahead and do that first. You should also de-register all the animations and where not possible to deactivate, reset all mods to default and reset their internal databases.


If you installed manually, you'd better have some backups. I keep a folder backup every time I make momentous changes in the install, LL mods count as such because of the number of scripts and resources - very difficult to track. I don't use a mod manager.


After cleaning your save, disable the mods in your mod manager or the Skyrim configuration menu one by one. I would start with all the basic ones - followers, homes, and static content first (including player-activated mods like 0Sex and ASxxx). Then would come the content, story and behavior mods (make sure you don't have any active quests related to those mods). Finally the core Sexlab and others. You'll have to load the save a few times and save after the waiting period after each mod is unloaded.  


Sounds painful - and is, but I uninstalled mods like Asxxx this way - and that's over 300 loose files. Once all your mods are deactivated you can start removing the files. The armor and clothing meshes for vanilla replacers will not get updated when you disable their ESPs, you have to manually remove the related textures and meshes. Don't forget to run FNIS after each change. 


I've had one Skyrim install for about eighteen months now, even swapping the folder into another machine along with its saves, and have changed my mind about the mod profiles about two dozen times, 'upgraded' to windows 10 and then back down again. My game still runs, which really is quite the miracle.

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