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Follower creation problems.


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So me and blazingsai have been trying to create a follower version of another character, however her jaw has a strange gap in it, in my game like so and the areas seem to show up in sculpt mode.








Anyone encountered this before? or have an idea on how to fix it.

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Yes, I found that same issue sometimes when importing the face from ECE, I'm assuming it is the same for Racemenu.


Right after the character creation and export, there are at least* 3 Chargen .tri files (located on \meshes\actors\character\character assets\) you must copy to your follower folder and use them in the Charater Gen Tab, since they store all the Chargen info:


- femaleheadchargen.tri for the Face "shape"

- eyesfemalechargen.tri for the eyes

- femaleheadbrowschargen.tri for the brows (look on the \faceparts\ subfolder)


* - could be more depending on the mods (left eye, right eye, mouth...)


Everytime you bring up the ShowRaceMenu command (or load a game with a different character) those Chargen files change. So right now check in CK if the NPC FemaleHead part on the Base Head Part is using the correct FemaleHeadChargen.tri (on the NPC follower folder) or reading the one in your \meshes\actors\character\character assets\ .


This was what caused that mouth clipping on my side, when I forgot to copy the femaleheadchargen.tri the mouth/jaw clipping was there.


Hope it helps!

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