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Female NPCs Walk


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Hoping someone here can assist me in this. I use Feminine Females mod, which is supposed to make it so females including housecarls, orcs, and guards walk like females. For female Guards I use Diverse City guards, which adds female guards to each of the holds. I am wondering if that mod is conflicting with feminine females as still nearly all female guards still walk like they have a stick up their ass.


The feminine females mod suggests adding the mod to the top of the load order, which mine is. Is there anything I can do to get them to be more feminine. Happens with female orcs too and I use Feminine Female orcs as well. If there is a easy fix, will need help in doing so, keep in mind I am terrible at TESedit and such.

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Just to confirm, are you trying Feminine Females on a new game or an existing save? NPC behaviors are baked into saves. If you add FF onto an existing game it'll only affect those females that you haven't encountered yet. All the others will retain their behavior from before you added the mod.


If it is a new game you're trying out, chances are you have some kind of a conflict. Feminine Females should be overwriting any NPC mods you have, so make sure it's loading after them. Also, you may want to do some work to it in TESVEdit. Last time I checked the mod wasn't updated for USLEEP.

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I disliked FNIS sexy walk, I think there was maybe 1 or 2 walk animations I thought were remotely decent. I am using Feminine females on a brand new save. I recently wiped out skyrim entirely from my PC and started over, had issues were the game would crash every 5 minutes and I couldn't find why. So pretty much brand new everything. I am thinking its conflicting with Diverse City Guards as that mod makes alot of the normally male guards female, and most of them walk like males. Right now its above DCG in the load order.


I'll try setting it below it in the load order if that helps, or even another mod like the one sbire posted.

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It's old, but I still think V1.3b LX of VHH is the only walk that looks both realistic and sexy.


Put feminine females late in the load order.  Otherwise, other NPC mods could overrule it.



That's the one I use. I'll try setting it dead last in my load order, Loot keeps trying to set it near the middle and the site says to put it near the top.

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Did Diverse City Guards ask you to overwrite anything? If so,then you should reinstall Feminine Females in addition to keeping it low in the load order.

Also,the plug-in for Diverse City Guards might be marked to use opposite sex animations for the now female guards or has its own animations folder. If so,then adjustments will need to be made to the plug-in to get the guards to use the preferred walk animations.

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All Diverse Guards does is double the stock of usable guards the game chooses from, making a bunch of them female. Plus it varies the races a bit too, so you might have a female orc in the trio of imperials escorting a stormcloak soldier. It does nothing about their animations. At least I haven't seen it do anything.




The 2nd picture even shows a female guard walking like she has a stick up her arse.

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From what I've seen Diverse Guards simply takes guards from other sources and duplicates them in order to replace certain other guard NPCs in the game. Sadly, since these template NPCs are duplicated, all of their stats are as well, including their walking style. 


This is a screenshot of the mod in TESVEdit:




Sadly, they copied over the female guards' animation flags as well. Every guard who is generated by the Diverse Guards mod will walk like a man. 


So, first thing to try is to load Feminine Females AFTER Diverse Guards. Try it out on a new game and see if it affects the mod at all, i.e. if the duplicated guard IDs are included in Feminine Females. If they still walk like a man then the problem is that the Diverse Guards aren't included in FF because they're new NPCs. If that's the case the only thing you can do is either put up with your Diverse Guards walking like men or go into the mod with TESVEdit and alter all the female guards' behaviors. It's easy to do, just right click their Flags line then, when the box comes up, uncheck the Opposite Gender Anims option. Sadly, there's no quick way to do it, you'll have to go in to each female guard entry and do it for each of them. It's easy, just time consuming.

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