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Landscape Tears


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I'm looking for some advice in how to debug an issue I'm having with Skyrim. I've identified a couple of areas with tears in the landscape, missing walls, that sort of thing. Usually that means an ESP has altered the landscape in that area.


So, the brute force way of resolving landscape tearing is to addand remove ESPs and keep testing. But is there a smarter way? What I'd like to do is open it all up in TES5Edit, and track it down manually. The problem is that I can't find any good way to determine which Cell and Sublock correspond to a given area in the game.


For example, I have a big chunk of the Riften ratways where the walls are all missing and I can see into the void. Where in the Skyrim.esp or Skyrim.esm would I find the original definition of the ratways, so that I can check for conflicts in TES5Edit?

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or...  http://www.skyrimsearch.com/categories/cells/140/ which gives the cell id's, (not sure the above provided link worked - well didn't when I clicked it).


(Anyhow - yep it's a pain, so am looking on for inspiration by following. Other than consoling around the void location to see if anything pops up signifying something is fiddling with the area - which is even worse than removing esp's).




I seem to remember Casino mangled something in the Ratway. (However I don't think it was a void).

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