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Strange Shadow Issue

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Hello everyone,


I recently reinstalled Skyrim and went about stuffing mods into it. When I fired up the game all was well during character creation (Live Another Life). But when I chose a start and went into the game world, I found that there are some strange shadows:








As you can see, there is a long shadow stretching out from the NPC, and it seems to only occur to female characters. The PC is unaffected. When moving about, the shadows seem to follow the PC while maintaining their stretched, straight appearance (not bending towards the PC).


I have determined that it is not an effect of my ENB (sharpshooter's ENB).


Attached is also my modlist if that will help.


mods 050716.txt


My latest Papyrus log as well.




Thank you very much for your help! :)

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I have this problem. Just started today. I also use the hpoly thing. I installed that patch. Still happening. Only to female NPC's. And not all of them. Seems random. It's like some kinda weird sundial shadow at the feet. It follows you when you walk around them. Doesn't matter if they are alive or dead. I installed safety load then noticed it. Wasn't happening before that. What would safety load have to do with anything? If I have to live with it...then I guess I will. It's so much better to just have the game ctd than freeze up and force a sign out/restart.

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There's not  an absolute fix because Coach couldn't fix everything GameFever did, three or four of the outfits will have that issue no matter what.


Choices being switch to the original CBBE version  and have the inevitable UV seams or use the nonBBP versions of everything or pick another replacer, as gamefever never finished it and apparently has no plans to.

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