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  1. I will try again but I have done this. I updated all mods involved and required to their most current versions after wiping all CBBE, physics and skeleton from Vortex. Started fresh with current versions and the same result as if I had done nothing at all lol.
  2. So you run 3BA BEFORE CBBE? Says in the description it should be after in all instances. But I'm assuming you have no issues since you posted it lol.
  3. Nah, I don't use any custom races or unique player. I WISH it were that simple lol. Someone on Nexus had the exact same issue on one of the 3BA bug report pages. But no one had posted a solution. I figured if anyone could solve this riddle it would be the fine folks at LL. After all, that's what they do...they like naked women in video games and they know things.
  4. Alright. That makes sense. But how does that explain Wood Elves and High Elves having the 3BBB body when naked? Why do they get it and no other races do? To be clear...I WANT them all to use 3BBB.
  5. Yep. Some time ago I posted an issue where I noticed a discrepancy in bodies used by my save characters. At the time I thought it character specific. Turns out its not. Turns out it's racial specific. As the title says the awesome 3BA body and it's sliders only work for the Wood Elf and High Elf races in my install. And I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I thought it might be some elf specific mod but Dark Elves are unaffected. What's more...this problem with the other races is only when they are naked. If I equip converted armors and freecam into their bodies, the 3BA textures are rea
  6. You know what this mod needs? To be compatible with Freelancer. Why? Because it would be fucking awesome. I thought maybe it would be because events still fire while you are within your lords party that you swear service to. But if you are in an army that loses a battle you do not get captured. A few screens about surrender pop up but they are default images and warnings fire in the bottom about "Wrong mode." Afterwards you are invisible on the map and the victors just ride away without you lol..
  7. Alright, I did the switch but no change. It works on the one character but no others and no newly created ones. The only difference is that the character 3BA is working on is a wood elf and the others that are not are human but that shouldn’t matter, yeah? One’s a Breton Vampire and the other hasn’t even left the Alternate Start prison lol
  8. Doesn't even give me the option to reverse it. It's greyed out and gives me the no sign when I hover over the drop down lol
  9. Yeah...still no joy. I deleted and reinstalled all body mods from XPMSE up to 3BA. Built bodies in bodyslide....and still. No luck. Tried making a new character. Nope. They just wont use 3BA...but one character...the one I first made after installing 3BA originally....that one works. It still works. No other characters will accept 3BA nude though. The CBA sliders are present in racemenu within those character saves but they do nothing when manipulated. I only use the one body...CBBE is a requirement for 3BA. My install is bare bones in regards to bodies. It's the weirde
  10. I would prefer to use 3BA all around. But i can't make it stick. Myabe it is Vortex and it's dependency rules? How would a person change this? Willing to go from scratch as far as body mods are concerned to return it to just one mesh lol
  11. I'm having an issue where two separate bodies are evidently in use depending on attire. In armor or totally nude it seems a regular CBBE special body is in use...but when i place her in certain clothing like a sleepwear that has no underwear for example she suddenly has a 3BA body complete with SMP lady parts lol. What's more...this problem persists over several characters...BUT...with one character she permanently has the 3BA body in all stages of dress or any armor. Very weird. I've tried multiple times to reinstall them (Vortex) and get them in order and switched dependency arou
  12. Its from SE. It's v. 20210131SSE. Along with the Resources 2020-12-25 converted file.
  13. That's encouraging but it doesn't happen even if i just press it once and wait awhile. It says "kneeling" or "crawling" in the top left corner...but the anims don't fire. Character just stands there doing nothing. The owner will talk to me correctly per whats listed as the position ergo; punished for speaking while standing and what not. I have so many animations installed...I'm wondering if there could be conflict somewhere perhaps thats unique to SD. PCEA 2 perhaps?
  14. So no help/thoughts/suggestions forthcoming with this? I can only imagine it's come up before but between this topic and the original mod's 800+ pages....kind of a lot to search through. a FAQ of something would be helpful.
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