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Skyrim suddenly started freezing on load screens (loading a save or starting a new game)


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Today I was switching between running Skyrim and making some minor script changes in the CK. At some point Skyrim froze when I loaded my save. This does happen from time to time, simply trying again fixes that. But this time it failed every time, on various saved games that worked fine before, and it even freezes when I choose New Game. I have not installed any new mod or changed my setup or drivers in any way.  The log doesn;t show anything out of the ordinary.


I did try the obvious:

- Repair game cache from Steam

- Rerun FNIS and LOOT

- Disable the mod I was working on.

- Did a complete shutdown and restart of the computer

- Checked that the video drivers didnt get updated behind my back.


Anything else I can try?

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