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Why does my game randomly ctd when trying on an outfit?

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Hello everyone. I recently made a few outfits for my character, but I'm running into some strange problems. Sometimes whenever I try to equip the outfits to my character, the game ctds. 


This only happens sometimes, and I can't seem to find any pattern or reason for this. I made three outfits for my character, and which of the outfits works and which ones don't changes from game to game- it's like a ctd game of russian roulette. Now the weird thing about this is once I find out which outfit works, unequip it and then put on any of the other outfits, they all work just fine. When I actually am able to wear the outfits they appear and work fine in-game, and I haven't run into any problems creating the outfits in the ck. Whenever I'm about to save and quit I have to unequip whatever outfit I'm wearing, because when I start the game up again and load it will crash, meaning each time I start the game I have to play the outfit roulette game all over again. 


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I'm relatively new to Fallout 4, but I've done a lot of modding in Skyrim, and I can't remember anything like this ever happening to me before. 



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I'm not making the outfits in outfit studio. I made them in Blender and converted them into a Fallout 4 nif in 3ds max. I did the same thing with the FemaleBody nif, and everything works fine. No problems at all with the nude body. But for some reason these outfits just make the game crash seemingly without much reason. Here are the .nifs, in case anyone wants to look at them. I don't see what I did wrong, but maybe I'm missing something. 



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