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Just wonder, did morrowind had anykind of adult mod?


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I've seen that some people try to remake morrowind with obvilion or skrim engine, I just can't wait that long.(Even TTW for Fallout3 to New Vegas is too long on waiting.)

I like to play with these games with adult mods like TamagoClub+LoversRaperS or Beeingfemale+Defeat, did morrowind have anything simular to them? If so, what is the name and where can I found them?

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Morrowind had a couple sex mods, but they were complicated and limited on account of Morrowind not really being designed with that kind of modding in mind.  


Lovers and Legends, I think it was called, required an external program to be run to allow the mod to call the right face and race during animations, and if you wanted to pick a new partner you needed to choose a dialogue line with them, save and exit your game, run the program to generate the necessary data, and then run your game again with another program running in the background to monitor your game for when you try to run the animations.  After all this, it only had about a half dozen animations and a simple minigame associated with it.  It wasn't bad, but if you're looking for something a bit more in the vein of Sexlab or something, you'll not find it with Morrowind.  


I understand that some folks around the forums here were working on adding more to L&L, so maybe my information is outdated, but when I used it that was basically the process.  You can poke around the adult gaming forums or wherever they're buried now, see what you can find, but truthfully it'll probably not be what you're hoping for.  When I had it, I just used it with a patch that connected it to another mod, and it was just a little side thing that basically didn't matter.

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