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Urag Quest For Devious Devices and the devices not working!

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I need help on the forbidden tome as even if i take the book from the bookcase it wont start the quest please helppppp!


And For the other issue The equipment that is on the slaves in Captured dreams are not on and i installed cursed loot i opened a lot of containers and i have a arousal of full but it wont work


So i think its the chasity stuff that are not working so i need help for the bondage equipment



I Have no clear view for the tome issue i dont even know how come it wont work so i need help

I know how to do the quest dont go writin that


I tried to fix it with reinstalling it[i uninstalled then reinstalled] yet it wont work i dont know if its my modorder but I need help I was bothered enough to write the mods Dont judge meh mods :P


Mod Order:


Catsuitspearhead,Captured Dreams,daymoyl[death alternative],The Devious assests,expansion,integration,devious devices equip,deviously cursed loot,elewin pumps 2,FNIS Pcea2,HdtHighHeel,RaceMenu,SD,SL,SL_D,SLA,SkyrimBound,SkyUi,catsuit enhanced,slinkyleotard,Zaz Animation and PO


If the creator of the assets expansion integration post help here it will be much appreciated :heart:




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  • 1 year later...

I wish I could help you since I'd love to know the solution to this problem...as I have the exact same problem. Got tons more mods though but I see a few similar, FNIS, SkyUI, PO. Aside from the required ones of course and Racemenu.


Anyone who has a clue please help us figure this one out?

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  • 3 months later...

i`ve been trying to get that quest to work for DAYS...had no idea it was removed. guess that`s what i get for not reading the changelog. D'OH! (i assume it`s listed there. still haven`t read it)i was freaking out cause the quest wasn`t even showing up in console when i used help command. i am so relieved something isn`t broken. thank you soooo much.

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  • 2 years later...

Wow! Thank God for this post. I was running around trying to trigger the quest. I even got more confused when I found that there is a book called chastised which says the entire quest in written format. I was like is this deja vu kinda thing where I read about something then it actually happens to me.. No luck, so I started to search on how to trigger this quest and I landed here. Thanks to OP and @LazyBoot

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