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CTD when trying to equip bodyslide adapted armor


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So I tried to adapt to bodyslide this armor using guide 1 from here. I use CBBE HDT body for reference, then I start bodyslide, use my body preset, build successfully, then I start game, try to equip armor and then just CTD.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe I should upload outfit studio project files so somebody could look and say what's wrong?

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Other than I am not sure why the author has all those extra skeleton nodes in the armor and skirt.


Does just the base armor from the authors work as is in the game?


if not, are you sure you have HDT 14.28 and XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XPMSE) 3.87 installed?



If its only a bodyslider version you are trying to make work that's giving the issues then I don't know how to help. I'm not very good with body slide, but I do know if the nifs are connected to custom .xml files like that armor is, I can't get them to work either. That might be the issue is those custom .xml files not playing nice with whatever you did in bodyslide.

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