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rescale skeleton using nifskope


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hi anybody know how to do it ? i do some editing in nifskope to increase the scale of the wing's mesh,and already save it, but when in the game the scale doesn't change at all, help :(





Fenrir,dont forget that your mesh needs to be skinned to those bones that you scale.

2 variation is to scale bones in skeleton, then import it to 3dmx or blender > import desired mesh (skin will adjust itself to scaled bones) and then export it anew. 

 If its a static item then simple right click on mesh >transform > edit (scale and axis transforms will place item where you choose it) > apply : item will be in position only to those coordinates.Same effect for skinned meshes > apply to make it work but skinned vertices can behave wrong in dynamics

There is also TransfornNode controller in nifskope but I'm not familiar with it.

3d examples are clutter and weapons


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