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You There. Take Point.


Makes all followers range ahead similar to how Dogmeat does. Handy for making them be the tank too by having them be the ones enemies see first. Also gets them out of the way more which was a pain in the ass since I play in third person. I usually go solo but I have been told they say funny shit so I started dragging them around.




The game doesn't always make them always be in front as well as Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite, but it's better than having them derping around behind, IMHO.




Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.


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I always prefer them 5 meters behind me myself, 2 meters behind me while in combat, so I guess I'll wait for a mod that does something like that. The annoying bit about Dogmeat, Nick, and everybody else moving forward, is that they have a tendency to trigger traps right before I try to disarm them, and block my view when I try to shoot stuff. And if only I could walk right through them when they're blocking the door again..

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Under realistic conditions the squad leader is always somewhere in the center of the squad, never in the van- or rearguard position. This is no medieval warfare, chiiil'dren, but one that sucks and whoever is in the suicidal front ahead of the pack gets targeted first by the current AI. In so far this mod more or less fulfills the conditions for team play 'cause only the first (vanilla] follower randomly moves ahead of the squad in good Dogmeat fashion and is, thus, to be equipped light as any scout and not perhaps as a heavy gunner. All other additional (mod) followers operate behind the PC. Emulated team play or mobile fan club, this is the parting of the ways. Keep fightin' the good fight, kids, there are already enough mutated wackoes out there.

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