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  1. Am in same boat for pants.. I have redone the outfits over and over. Not using CC pants even. They just keep vanishing off in play mode.
  2. I love you ♥ Took a break from sims, came back today and was doing the good ol update of mods! only to find my two fav mods are now one mod! \o/
  3. I cannot wait to try this!! thanks!! might be able to make werewolves after all ♥
  4. That report is from 9/07.. days ago. Update your WickedWhims to newest version and Kinky mod. Also make sure you remove the old CNWW mods as Kinky and Pets are stand alone mods now \o/
  5. Using the newest WickedWhims and latest version of Kinky and pets. Working great for me. Thank you for quick update!!! Just trying to figure out the assault thing as it's not happening in my game. BUT! that is most likely my settings @_@ Inviting other sims to join in normal sex works.
  6. tiny help, for I am the dumb... I want my active sim to be allowed to be assaulted by random sims. Do I have my settings right? And I have intensity set high and I turned off the risk thing.. As that makes it less likely to happen with it on right?
  7. Just wanted to give a thank you ♥ for keeping this up to date. Just got home can't wait to try the new one ^^
  8. I love you!!! I mean.. Thanks ^_^. The Autonomy is what I wanted most.
  9. Yeah in the side of the screen. Their picture pops up and says refuses to join. Not an error..forgot what the side window is called. but like job stuff goes there, events, learning about other sims. Just in case I am including my lastExpections file. I know it says Tmex erroring, and the height slider.. BUT I have tried the mod without those installed also. lastException.txt and a gif showing what I am doing https://gyazo.com/9598e6f081c6bf800de378521568aae6
  10. No Freezing, tried with 4 diff families and it started normally, ended normally ♥ (I have a pretty big mod folder! no conflicts with any of them)
  11. I never had the sims freezing in place O.o the mod works as it did before for me. When I have Kinky installed, the invite to join option never works. Auto refuses. Also NPC assaulters are not assaulting O.o I set mine to very high and all the flags set so it should happen often.. they just sit around chatting for hours. I even set the min time to 0 and max to 60 seconds for the cooldown. Not sure if something from WickedWhims is blocking it? I have done fresh saves, fresh install with just WickedWhims and Kinky nothing changes.
  12. Ahh yeah! I noticed some of my mermaids have had hollow faces. But.. Why was her name Princess Gross? and she doesnt appear in my neighbor hoods? In active family or inactive family. She also stands there for a few minuets then vanishes.
  13. So what is up with these new sims appearing? her name is Princess Gross O.o? if I cam around the heard face she has no face and just floating teeth.
  14. I am not sure what is going on.. I am not getting an exception error.. Sims just refuse to join sex scenes still with the updated version. If I remove the Kinky folder and just use WickedWhims they will join... Super sad , cause Kinky is my fav mod for the uhm NPC assaulters ♥. Crossing my fingers WickedWhims will update to work with Kinky again.
  15. Odd. I updated all my mods to prepare for realm of magic!!!!! *squee* WickedWhims works by self. When I install this mod I can no longer do the "ask to join" they instantly refuse. I am not getting any error logs, or crashes. Just gives me the lil sidebar message " [Name] refuses"
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