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[mod concept] Lust level

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What is that ? This is a depravity level. From 0 to 100 it gives you an indication of how pervert is your character.

Each 10 lvl, you'll get another perk. Each perk grants you the ability to do something dirty without being forced. Keep in mind that dirty things can still happen to you at low lvl, but you won't be able to do it on your own.

For instance : at lust lvl 30, you can ask robots for sex. But no matter your lust level, robots can still rape you if you are defeated or for others reasons (like science experiment).

How do you earn lvls ? Everytime you are involved in something including sex or masturbation. Or if you are watching such a thing. Or if you are dreaming about such a thing. Or if semone talk about such a thing (giving details!). Or if you found one of this pervert comics and read it.

Note : You will earn a lot of levels if you do something you weren't okay with (like having sex with a robot while you haven't reach the lvl 30). Because you'll enjoy that (and so you gonna think "why not after all").

Earning perks that ehance the gameplay by having a lot of sex, without drawback, it's awesome !
Here comes the drowback : there is a chance (based on your arousal lvl) to trigger a random event each hour/days (not sure yet), this event forced you to do something you can do (like fucking a robot AFTER you reached lust lvl 30). This event can trigger in combat.
Where this idea comes from ?
Your arousal lvl decrease when you have sex in skyrim. So you can clear your minds from your dirty ideas only by having sex. I wanted something to reminds you of the things you have done...and gives you ideas for things you could do.
How can we reduce the lust level ?
Chems and doctors can help you, but it's not cheap and it needs time to work. Anyway, your lust level will slowly decrease on time, so the easiest way is not having/thinking/dreaming/talking/reading about sex. But you know, this will increase your arousal lvl...
Here comes the Lust lvl perks (the order and the names of the perks are subject to change)
0 : Romantic Wanderer : have sex with friendly humans (not android or ghoul). You can have sex with an android if you don't know he is one.
10 : Lone Warrior : have sex with items (everything is a plug if brave enough).
20 : Xenobiologist : have sex with every friendly humanoid creature (android, ghoul, super-mutant)
30 : Robot love : have sex with robots (even if not friendly) because they are just big dildos after all.
40 : Monster Hunter : have sex with every humanoid creature (even if not friendly) (android, ghoul, super-mutant, raiders, etc).
50 : The Beauty and the Best : have sex with every friendly creatures (dogs, brahmine, etc).
60 : Animal Best Friend : have sex with every creature of your size (every creature in the world except the biggest one like the mirelurk queen, deatchclaw, prowler, super mutant behemot, etc)
70 : String Theory : when higly aroused, you'll try to bound yourself. Also, being bound increase your arousal lvl (and prevent you from self bondage).
80 : Dragon Slayer : you can have sex with the biggest creatures (mirelurk queen, deathclaw, prowler, super mutant behemot, etc).
90 : Tie Together : you can offer other people to became your owner and have fun with you (for a period of time or until they are bored). Some kind of slavery and prostitution system.
100 : Atomic fusion : in your dreams, Atom talked to you. He says that everything is made to fuse with each other, and that fucking is the best way to honor him (because orgasm is so intense that it remind us the atomic blast). Maybe it wasn't a dream and just raiders having fun with a drugged whore...anyway, your lust lvl won't decrease on time (you need chems or a doctor) and radiation increase arousal instead of decreasing health (you almost feel Atom touching you every time).
IMPORTANT : I didn't creat this thread for nothing. If you got any idea, or a good name for one of the perk, of if you think this is bullshit and I should go in hell, feel free to post below. I will be happy to work with you and improve this concept.
OTHERS IDEAS : something more, too small to fit in a thread, but I wanted to write it somewhere.
Rough sex : having sex with a raider or a monster has a chance to creep one of your legs. The chance of this event to happen is reduced by your Endurance.
Sex Stories : during sex scene, instead of an animation, a pop-up with a short story depicting the action shows up. For those who can't wait for animation to be had to the game, or to reduce problems with conflict based on animations starting at the same time, etc. Plus, there is more people able to write stories than people able to do animation...
More to come, stay tuned.
Legal shit : if it inspires you, feel free to use it without my permission (and you don't need to put my name anywhere). This is just a damn concept, worth nothing if not implemented in a mod. Plus, I'm not sure to come back (shit happens), so if you want to turn this project into a real mod, do it.




P.S. : english is not my native language. I do my best but sometimes I could be unclear. Feel free to asks question or told me when I'm wrong.

It is designed to work with an arousal lvl system btw.

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I had a female player character in mind and thinking about her enduring sex with monsters was not a problem for me. But yes, If you want to play as a male, it could be more interesting to have another mod switching monsters body to something sexier. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do that. :)

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I had a female player character in mind and thinking about her enduring sex with monsters was not a problem for me. But yes, If you want to play as a male, it could be more interesting to have another mod switching monsters body to something sexier. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do that. :)

i'll try it out either way good luck seems pretty complicated ;)

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I like to think of Lust and Arousal being 2 separate things that do effect each other.


Lust is the actors desire to have sex while Arousal is the closeness to actual orgasm.

That way you can get the frustration of Extreme lust levels whilst arousal and the ability to orgasm is shutdown by something like ice to the genitals or the opposite where an actor is forced to orgasm even though they don't want to their body betrays them due to the physical stimulation it is receiving.

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