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Quick scripting question


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You can use FNVEdit to edit the script source so it is far from user friendly. You can also compare script sources and merge using additional utilities (check BeyondCompare).


BUT xEdit cannot compile scripts and it does not check the script validity, so you need to load your plugin in GECK and compile them here.


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I was hoping it'd be able to compile them, because it's a pain in the ass when using MO.  GECK refuses to load NVSE through it, and the scripts I needed to modify use it, so it meant cracking open FOMM and installing the mod through that, opening it up through the GECK, then copying the file and putting it in the zip or rar or whatever after the modifications, and then reinstalling it through MO while removing the original from FOMM.  And if it for some reason doesn't remove the offending files when uninstalling it through FOMM, it will completely fuck the install in MO.


It's just a roundabout mess that I had hoped to avoid.  Alas.

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I have NVSE's dlls & exes installed in the game's root folder.

The path to the geck in the binary field in MO's executables window is actually to the nvse loader there (in my case G:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas\nvse_loader.exe)

and I added


in the arguments field


Hope that helps.

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I asked for help on that earlier, but the only two people who responded to me told me not to bother with the GECK and MO.


Only because when it's time to backup, it happens to pick the esp from the wrong folder and after a year you could yell that it reverted changes...


*... I know you weren't using MO when that happened... I'm just joking, please don't get upset :) *


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