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Preston Harvey and the Institute problem.

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I sided with the Railroad and destroyed the Instituite and the Brother Hood of Steel. everywhere I go, everyone is thanking me and calling me hero and everything is fine and dandy except one thing. Preston Harvey. when I try and hand in a Minuteman " help the settlers " type quest, he asks me about the Institute and responds angrily to any of my answers. my affinity to him is now 0.5%. he admired me before. is there anyway to fix this? so I can hand in quests and get back to the old Preston dialogues. I just got word etc  

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Maybe because Garvey is really a synth himself?  :D


Seriously though, I'm on the same path as you in the siding with the RR thing. If he does the same to me, I'll just reload a prior save and send Garvey to Hangman's Alley right before I choose faction so he can rot there for all I care. He's a pain in the ass anyway.

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Go look at the wiki and follow the steps.  You need to use the minutemen to destroy the institute and then the brotherhood.  You don't side with the railroad, you just go up to a certain point with them and stop.  Go too far and you end up pissing off the minutemen.  I hope you have previous saves, or you are pretty much fucked.

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From what I'm reading, Preston Garvey will be pissed off if you DON'T activate the Evacuation Notice during the quest Nuclear Option. It appears you can even do that quest with the BoS or the Railroad, as long as you activate the Evacuation before you blow up the Institute.


Here's a direct quote from the wiki and the link:



Preston will be disgusted with the player if they finish The Nuclear Option with the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad but did not activate the evacuation notice, stating that the player not allowing Institute civilians to evacuate is mass murder.






Still gonna keep a prior save handy, just in case   :D

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thanks all for your advice.  Luckily I have all my saves, going back to vault 111.  Preston can be a pain in the arse, that is true. since writing my question, I have been able to hand in four or five minutemen side quests to him without the whole institute mass murder speech. but he reverted to his accusatory stance eventually. I was rather surprised when I got the " Defend the Castle"  mission from him and after we had defeated the BoS, Freedom Radio broadcast that the BoS airship had been destroyed by the Railroad. I chose them because they seemed to me to be the best option, as far as getting all the innocent scientists out as well as the Synths, before blowing it up. I can see now, that destroying the institute with the minutemen , is probably a better choice than the Railroad, in the long run, as all the settlements are allied to the minutemen.   




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Over here Pressure Preston lives the life of a busy farmer in the crops at the Castle not to get hanged by me last minute in midst of the Minutemen for popping up again with his disgusting 'got another report by a settlement...'

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