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  1. could someone please take a look at this thread, i left even the code for it
  2. main.cpp BTW that was the wrong file, i deleted it, this is the real one using fose_common folder for SafeWrite
  3. Could someone please backport the mod back to FOSE? i've made a quick edit on the DiaMove source code since i dont know have tools to compile FOSE scripts Since NVSE and FOSE uses the same calls outsides a few edits, it shouldn't be a hassle since DiaMove is a straight port of Oblivion WalkBlessed https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/49067 https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66451
  4. It seems that Reddit Nuked the entire subreddit.
  5. Could someone please convert, fix and make female version of the warrior priest plate from this armor? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25628 i can even lend the conversion that i did for myself, since i don't know how to work with 3d models and the mesh itself is full of bugs https://mega.nz/#!pIsCUIoS!-6JRenbtJvlWjla2jL4wvmct73qFSQi7L4hfBhuMpHw
  6. i rather quit as i did with oldrim than seeing a buggy body mod becoming relevant once more... fuck this shit, LE had enough with thousands of fucking bodies ano one know what the fuck to do. Just keep one, CBBESE is there, there is TBD too that no one uses it.
  7. Great, the UNP mafia is going to kill CBBE again and force ousinius to leave modding as caliente...
  8. Its been a year that im cranking with this idea, but it would be nice to share it here since Servitron ITSELF is one of the best Fo4 mods ever made along with Mechout. Servitron itself is a awesome mod, but is suffers severely of customization options along with armors, like DX synth body clipping though the body, the lack of support for many armors and the lack of Facial animations. The idea is simple, Add more feminine customizations, one that came out recently and it will be released soon in febuary 2020, its the Transformers Big Firebird Figure for Arcee, named EX-01 Nicee
  9. I didn't knew that /v/ and some of the /tesg/ cesspit were free to shitpost in here.
  10. Could Someone Port Sally Whitemane's Armor to SSE CBBE and TBD? The oldrim port is broken due to the HDT Only stuff
  11. been having some strange clipping issues with the tunic, ingame and with CK her breasts clips with other presets like CT77SE and such and Yes im using SE because now way in hell that im going to use outdated LE for headaches.
  12. I hope this works well, id love to see DLX synth skin working on it
  13. the newest ttw update broke support with all kinds of mods, even the most necessary stuff like nvr or FCO.
  14. Well fuck, the entire mod was deleted from nexus
  15. you know its people like you that makes caliente and other people pretty much quit from making mods
  16. so i've been trying fix some things on AWP Sylvanas mod, until i've stumbled with this bug there's no way to fix it?
  17. well i can't wait for the Silverlight one
  18. It appears that one guy took on the previous team endeavor and decided to continue by itself. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21699 the work is impressive.
  19. this has to be the laziest and biggest oversight ever made in history, its tied with the removed parallax. unfortunately im too damn far with my SE save, though im really considering installing Oldrim once i finish up since my saves still works. therefore this is what happened when i looked at Sylvanas follower by awp Her mouth is out of place and sometimes clipping beneath her mouth
  20. There's a way to Open stuff like Bijin's or there's custom face companions on CK64 without their faces resetting to full potato? i kinda want to change the hair of some Npc's like Njada or Serana/clare but their faces when i open it on CK becomes full ugly or resets to zero slide. im also having problems with vanilla NPC's when i loot at it, mainly woman and if my memory serves well, it never happened to me on oldrimCC
  21. sorry for the necro, but its possible to convert this to SSE? i hear that LL modders hates said one with a passion i don't want to go back to oldrim, and i want to make use of SSE CBBE and bodyslide.
  22. not yet along with the plugsuit unles someone has lurked already the japanese websites
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