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Sooooo, how do you make them work?

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If absolutely no mods here have worked, you haven't followed the instructions correctly.


^ This



when I first came to loverslab I couldn't even get sexlab working properly, chucked in all mods and hoped for the best.. obviously it didn't work.. gave up for 6 months and played fallout 3.


came back redownloaded everything INCLUDING making a copy of the readme to stick with the mod followed it completely and bang... works perfect


allways read the requirements, if a mod needs extra stuff download that and install it as well.

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Crash at logo means you haven't installed everything or a master is below the one requiring it to be above in in the load order.


Run LOOT to sort your load order then run TES5EDIT to make sure load order is fine.


Before installing something read what it does what requirements it needs and any mods that conflict with it if there are any and any known problems that a mod may have.



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