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Mod Organizer Tutorial

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Ok so stick a fork in me bc i'm done with Nexus Mod Manager. i am officially switching to Mod Organizer. i no longer have the patience for NMM specifically in regards to making changes, uninstalling mods etc..


Can someone recommend a good tutorial or dummies guide to getting started with MO? its kind of intimidating as its not as easy to use. thanx in advance.

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Well you can either read through the STEP guide or watch Gophers Playlist.




Just keep in mind that those are for MO1 and Fallout 4 requires MO2.

Meaning that MO2 is still in Beta and doesn't have all features MO1 had. But it's still better than NMM.


Apart from that they are very similar. The main difference being that MO2 supports 64bit and the new way FO4 handles mods :)

You need MO2 for FO4! MO1 wont work with FO4.

You can get the newest version from here: https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer/releases


Feel free to send me a PM if you need any help.

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