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Witcher 3 and DA:I naked males?

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Does anybody know a naked male mod or mods for Witcher 3 or DA:I?

And I mean not a mod with a ken-doll (dickless) males.

Or do you know if someone is working on such a mod?

Or is it simply impossible?

Characters of both genders in those games don't have rendered genitalia so someone would have to alter the meshes for them to show up. No one has yet done anything more than use the neutered character models outside of the sex scenes that they were made to be featured in for their 'nude mods'.

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Last I check, DA:I is too stressful making NSFW mods, so modders stop working on that.

You probably already read the only nude mod was switching the pijama model to the nude model, exist inside the game, both male and female of all races.

Not to mention, BioWare making sure modders cannot easily modding their games. And that's why that game is coming to dead under 2 year.

Plus FO4 release in late 2015, less interest modders try to break DA:I.


About TW3, seem many modders find FO4 more interesting and easily mod. Plus, they are not interesting seeing Geralt's schlong.

But the female mods are awesome, some make the female breast bigger and sexier.

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