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Adult VR games and experiences for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other devices


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Not finding a thread about virtual reality adult games, I decided to start one.


This is the stuff I've found and tried so far:

  • Waifu Sex Simulator: Japanese style sex simulator. Has some pre-made scenes with bunch of different actors that you can try out. Works with Rift, Vive and Google Cardboard. Leap support. Kinda awful user interface, but still gives some fun moments. Google for possible newer version, as the link leads to v1.4 that was out at the moment of writing this post. Free, so there's no reason not to try it.
  • PlayClub: Japanese style sex simulator that has a pretty short story about a guy who gets paid to do some nasty stuff to four women. After that it's all sandbox action similar to Waifu Sex Simulator, but it's technically more advanced and more approachable. The link leads to a tutorial on how to make it work. Not free.
  • VR Model Viewer: As the name says, a model viewer that has bunch of characters to look at, for example Ciri from Witcher 3. Clothes can be toggled on or off. It's all still pretty basic and under work, but it has potential. Works with Rift and Vive. The UI is pretty hard to deal with Rift, so you need to have some patience. Free, so might as well try it.

Note that I've only tried these with Rift. I don't own Vive, Cardboard or Leap so I have no idea how well they would work.


The list might get updated in the future, or not. We'll see. :dodgy:

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Waifu Sex Simulator works fine with Vive and a xbox 360 Controller.

Vr Model Viewer works fine as well . The resolution of the Models is very good. I hope they release more model and maybe more rooms 

I just have the Htc Vive so i cant speak for Cardboard. One of the best adult Vr Games 

if have played jet is Custom Maid 3D 2. But its not free like the others here.


Ps: sry my english is not that good ^^

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The best forums I've found for keeping track of adult VR game development are these two:





I'm not a fan of anime, so none of the titles mentioned so far appeal to me (and I'll never understand why anyone likes WSS, it's objectively a messy hackjob on a foundation designed for dance loops)... If you're looking for a more western aesthetic then the options so far are fairly limited: FemDomination is the closest thing to a fully realised experience, VRTitties is interesting but pretty limited so far, SinVR seems like it has nice environments with a very limited set of cyclic animations but a business model that's shady enough to keep me from investigating further.


Honey Select is the least anime game Illusion has made so far. It's worth trying because it's entirely possible to make more Euro, Mediterranean or African looking characters, but it desperately needs a western or even just a generic voice-pack... Unless you're comfortable with those uniquely juvenile, submissive or squeeky kinds sex sounds that are so common to Japanese adult content.

The two projects that I'm watching most closely are Eva Galaxy Evolution and Virtual Harem 34, both because of their sci-fi theme. They both currently have what amounts to tech-demos, not particularly erotic but enough to see where the development is headed.

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