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Sexlab charging animation amazing slow


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So I deativated my most heavy script based mods (Frostfall, Immersive Citizens and enslavement one) and proceded to do a save cleaning to "unclog" the scripts


All script work fast now but sexlab seems to take about 3 min to add 1 animation to its library


And when I start a animation the first scripts kick in fast (restrain player controls, move to actor, undress) then when the animation should start:


-Nothing for 3 min


-Sound effects start


-NPC start playing the animation


-PC is still doing nothing


-Animation end script start


-Scene ends without even going through stage 2 of the animation with auto stage set off and not touching anything


-Controls are not given back until nearly a quarter hour


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It looks like that you are not really crashing, and also if taking just too much time, the mod you use to start the animation works.


Now, to better understand what is going on on your installation, you should:

1) Enable papyrus logging (in case it is not already active)

2) Start a game

3) Try to play a sexlab animation

4) Wait until complete

5) Exit the game

6) Get the papyrus log, zip it, and post it here as attachment



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Well its currently cleaning it so animation addition is still in progress, il do what you asked once its done


Can say that new game aren't affected hence the script uncloging attempt and heavy script mods deactivaton

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So after +10h of animation loading I can finaly use sexlab


Here is the papyrus log


Made a test in the Qasmoke cell, didn't force ended the animation (waited for 10min before it apparently cancelled itself)


Seems I also start having stutter (after X amount of time the game will freez for a few sec then resume)


Sorry if its big, some anims where apparently still being adde in the background (had enabled creature anim)




I did some modification on the skyrim ini file







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You have a dead mod that is destroying everything.

(Also a few other ones doing bad stuff, but less important.)


I can say that the failing object is called "zadQuest". I am not sure which mod is.


Remove it, clean your save with a save cleaner by removing all orphans scripts. And re-try.


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As said above,  you have dead mod that attached script directly to player base actor with bad update cycles, after removing that mod, game still tries to run the script but fails and prevents other mods to run scripts on player, probably the safest solution would be to find that mod, script, erase everything from script and compile, so empty script stays attached to actor but cant do anything


or you can try to remove all forms and scripts attached by mod with savecleaner tool


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