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Construction Set Crashing and I don't know why!

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I haven't had any problems with the construction set until now.  Now suddenly it crashes almost immediately after opening.  It starts up just fine, but when I load up an esp, or even just the Oblivion.esm, once it loads it it crashes seconds later.


I tried reinstalling, deactivating all the non-vanilla esps in Wrye Bash, but...nothing.


The only possiblitiy I can see for the problem is that yesterday I updated one of my anti-virus programs (AVG), and the problem has started since I first turned the PC on this morning.  I have not made any other changes.


Could really use some help, since Windows can't find the problem.




My system:


Pentium 4  3.06Ghz, 3 Gig RAM, Radeon X700


Win 7 Ultimate 64bit SP-1


(I know, it's old.  But I'm poor and it works for what I need)


I am also using Wrye Bash, and OBSE with the construction set.


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Okay.  Ignore this.  After reading Fejeena's thread, I've determined that's it's AVG that's f*cking up the construction set.  :@





If you use AVG, make sure all execs and folders regarding Oblivion (main files, OBSE, construction set, etc.) are on the AVG EXCEPTIONS LIST before you update AVG! 


Otherwise AVG plays holy hell with everything.


AVG is a great antivirus program, just a little too invasive.



"Trying to figure out what Bandalo is thinking when he does something is like trying to give a root canal to a troll!  You damn near kill yourself in the attempt, and then you find the bugger's bitten your arm off while you were busy!" 


-Chulmore Quill




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