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HDT clothing & armor (are you spoiled?)

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Same here. If it's not HDT, there is zero chance I'm installing it.


Okay, maybe I'll still install it if it isn't full HDT, but I do need proper weight mapping to the belly node's scale size. There's a reason people consider me the current dev of a particular mod.

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Well I think I might not be the right person to answer this question haha.


If its not HDT UUNP....If I want to use it I will quickly convert it over to UUNP HDT.


Just converted DB Marauder Armor over.


Also I sometimes re-weight stuff that people labeled UUNP HDT why...cause its not weight painted just right.


Heck I even re-made the ESP...Made a mash-up of Dragon Bone Armor sets into something cool that would have removable panties and bra....Plus I Breast Weight Painted the KS-Hairdo I wanted to use after matching it up to my characters SevenBase Bombshell body so that the Hair would never ever clip through the breasts even if my character got pregnant she would still not have hair clipping.

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Get Meshrigger.


There is a section around here on Loverslab that has some QandA


But basically you just Google search Meshrigger takes you to its homepage and it has full instructions on how to install and use.


Once you get rolling with it its easy peasy...automated but it takes some time unless you have a fast Solid State Drive.



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http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24797-mesh-rigger-skyrim-fallout-oblivion-beta89f-10-26-2014/ Mesh rigger can transfer HDT BBP TBBP from one body to another body or armor it also works for fallout 3/NV and oblivion games or you can use outfit studios to change something to HDT. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?


Since there are these two tools I see no point in turning down any armor since I can add HDT to whatever I want.

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