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CTD on Start Game

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Crashing before startup is almost always a loadorder problem.


Check you loadorder with LOOT or BOSS.

Use TES5EDIT to see if you are missing a dependency.


Trying to help while half sleeping doesn't work.

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Only use LOOT for load order BOSS is old outdated and no longer being supported though from the looks of it they are not missing masters as their game crashes as soon as they hit *new game load game or continue game* and running TES5EDIT will probably show nothing wrong.

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Are there any conflicts listed in MO? You do seem to have quite a few sexlab mods some can be quite script heavy. You could try turning off all mods except for the skyrim ones and the DLC's and try starting a new game if the game crashes then there is something wrong somewhere if it doesn't crash then start the process of tracking down the culprit. First turn 5 mods back on and test new game no crash means those are good crash will mean one of them isn't playing nice so your next option is to go turn one of them off and try again and keep doing it till you find the bad one.

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