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Need advice.

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I apologize for bother, but since I failed several times already I decided to ask experienced people.

Recently I decided to return to Oblivion and add some mods to it.

First I'd like to ask on recommendations of male and female nude mods that add variety to NPCs. (for example: females having variation in breast size, etc...)
When i tried to do it myself I either got one look (which was OK) or some bad mixup which looked horrible.

Next is some vanilla (Oblivion + official content) armors which scale with those body mods. I once managed to make one work, but now I keep making some mistake and can't get it to work.

Next is animation packs for Lovers with PK.
Are these all there is, or are there more?

Last time I played i could not get threesomes at all, only one on one. (it was several months ago)

And last: In searches for mods I ran into this picture: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-F9rSjbKPU4I/TcRecmDMjlI/AAAAAAAAACc/M1N2UJtx76U/s1600/ScreenShot77.jpg

There are two thing from it that I wanna get in my version.
Group sex (obviously ^^)
And facial expressions. I never even saw any mods claiming to have them.

i apologize for trouble, but as I've complete newbie when it comes to modding a game, I gotta ask for your help.

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For varied bodies, SetBody Reboot. Bodied will be different, but everyone will wear the same size clothing. This happens because the clothing actually replaces the body mesh. With SetBody, there's an option in the ini to allow auto, then an autosetbody ini to alter (read all the material for it.

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There are no threesomes with Lovers.  None.  Anything that shows threesomes is a pose mod and not lovers.  And no, there won't be any threesomes in the future.  The why is that no one is interested in spending the long hours to create the animations for it.  Additionally, there is no code support for pulling three NPC's together.  One of the NPC's would always be summoned from thin air and would disappear as soon as the animation was complete.  So the picture is a pose mod, sorry.


There are facial expressions built into every LAPF animation.  


You no longer need animation packs.  I do need to make an update of the LAPF animations to add the couple that have been created since I released it, but the bulk of the animations are in there.


I am working on updating the lovers creatures animations, but I hit sever large hurdles and combined with RL, progress is down to a periodic crawl.




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OK, thanks for info.
Shame about threesome poses, but i understand problems with it.

Thanks for all the work.
People who make packs make thing very easy for someone who has no knowledge of modding so I'm very grateful to all of you.

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