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Combat Omega
A combat mod that alters/merges Deadly Reflexes 5, Denock Arrow, Finite Ammo, Eagle Eye Realistic Archery, Duke Patricks Actors Can Miss, Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Alert Npcs, Duke Patricks Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert, SM EncAndFatigue, Sm Combat Hide, Ragna Parry, Unequip Broken Armor, Average Run Speed, Throw Any Weapon, Stealth Redone, Stealth Overhaul Redux, Double Tap Dodge
I removed the enemy explode spell completly, all horse related stuff since it wasn't in use in this version, stopped the npcanger spell from being added to the player, removed the dodge/flip system in favor of another and various other script changes.
Stealth Overhaul Redux
Removed assassination spells, set to use CombatOmega.ini
SM mods and UBA
Altered scripts and quest names to make all 3 use CombatOmega.ini
The rest are just merged in.


=== Thanks and credits to ===
-Skycaptain for DR5 and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
-HeX for Throw Any Weapon and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
-Maskar for Uneqip Broken Armor
-Strategy Master for Combat hide and EncAndFatigue
-Ragna for Ragna Parry
-Pashok for "Eagle Eye" Realistic Archery Mod
-Sca for the Duke Patricks mods
-Scruggs for Denock Arrow
-Ocfordite for Finite Ammo
-Seldalore for Average Run speed
-Samuro_ for Stealth Redone
-JOG for Stealth Overhaul
-Sandman53 for Stealth Overhaul Redux
-Documn for Double Tap Dodge


If you are receiving an error about SM Bounty, I had accidentally uploaded a mistake. Bounty was meant to be removed, to make for better compatibility with other mods that would alter such.


If you want to use SM Regional Bounty, it is compatible.


11-5-17 UPDATE!!


The new esp fixes that green expanding magic effect. As in, it's gone. This make throwing more stable and much less like to crash the game.


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ini file in data\ini ? check if you have it.



And Comrade Fienyx here the picture as jpg ( I cut it, only the warning window )


And to see the original u42qD4t.png: left click and hold the mouse button and drag the png file in browser address bar ( or with firefox on the +  so the picture will be opened in a new window )

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Thanks fejeena. Monkey, try downloading again. I don't get that, but do remember having to fix that. It actually looks for the CombatOmega.ini in the ini folder.



I know what happened, I accidentally uploaded an older version, and have lost my fix. Will fix it...again...and get it back up ASAP



Done hopefully for the last time

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