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  1. That's it, i'm looking for the CUO mods, since the fileplanet links are all dead, i hope someone could share it, thanks
  2. i'll upload it here later, in the meanwhile it's upload it here too https://www.deviantart.com/monkeyangi/art/STM-Scouter-v0-4-4b-824973083
  3. thank you, thankfully i had an account there and i could download it :D
  4. So i'm looking for STM Scouter by thatStaboll, since the mod got removed in nexus, hopefully someone could share it , thank you
  5. ah what a pity, i had my hopes in blockhead being able to do it, unfortunately i dont know how to code so there goes my new mod haha, thank you for your help :)
  6. i did replace the hair as you said movomo, and it works, but only the mesh, and since vanilla hair uses only one damn texture, it shows the new mesh with vanilla texture, and i can't make it to show the new texture... so you basically you are in step number one... do you think it's possible to change the texture also?, because i tried to rename the texture with the mesh name and -F but it does not work
  7. hello, is it possible to use this method, to change vanilla hair, so female/male have individual hairs? if it is, how can it be done? thanks
  8. i had it like that but i did not realize i had an .esp changing the paths of some armors, now all works, thank you :)
  9. hello, nice mod so far, i like it very much but i have a question, is there a way to assign a piece of armor that in vanilla armor does not exist for certain sex?, example, the legion armor boots are only available for males in vanilla, but if i create the female folder with the armor and all, this mod won't recognize the armor... so, is there a way or is just a limitation i have to accept :(? thank you
  10. i like this mod very much, but with the latest release, i get something about a missing ini file, like this: am i doing something wrong or this is normal? if so, is there a way to fix it?
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