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Dewcision 2016

Darkening Demise

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Pitch Black vs Baja Blast


#VotePitchBlack or #VoteBajaBlast


Winner stays on store shelf


Ends July 7th





I personally don't see why they did it with Baja it was a dick move to use a already available for years flavor to compete with a discontinued flavor that was only around for 2004 Halloween. We can always get Baja during the Summer and in Taco Bell. While Pitch we cannot get anywhere but store shelves and as a fountain drink/slushy in Speedway (which is terrible-NEVER get the fountain/slushy version of sodas they fail in comparison to the bottle/can!).




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Guest endgameaddiction

Mountain Dew is a soda. An awful tasting soda. It's like drinking urine with sugar in it. Yes, I've tasted pee. It's gross. durr....And now half my brain is dead. Story of my life.

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The reason why fountain drinks don't taste as good as real pop/soda/flavored water is because most vendors that use fountain machines water down the already flavored water with more water and might add other things to it as well like some type of syrup for flavor and color. If the place isn't very busy could also explain if it taste bad.

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