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CK from Skyrim converted to Fallout 4??

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I just may have found a temporary fix to convert Skyrim's CK over to Fallout 4. Not sure yet though, I want to try one thing first. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but am not expecting a miracle.


With all due respect but... the GECK is in Beta, and the release is imminent. Maybe getting it working three or four months ago might have been cool, but now? It's probably a bit late for anything useful.

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Where can I find the GECK Beta just so I can test around and mess around with it for my own purposes? I'm a tester and need to test it if the Beta is out.


Also, only certain things that can be crossed or ported can be used in the CK  to work, but only limited due to different engines styles.


What gets me is, a lot of things have been transported or used from Skyrim into Fallout 4. For instance, TGM,TIM,and TMM 1, all are used on both games. Consoles are the same on both games. You can search for an item like you can in Skyrim. All of that is done in Skyrim is done the same way in Fallout 4. So the CK so far can be used for certain items only. Like ported CBBE bodies, UNP bodies, clothing for both, and so on. That's why I want to work on both. Tat's why I need to try the Beta GECK.

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The geck will come out when it comes out.  Until then we wait.

No posting beta versions of the geck or requesting it is allowed.  If you aren't on the list, then you wait like everyone else here.

Also, let's not get into discussing or distributing hacked together versions of things.  The geck will be broken enough when it is released.   ;)


We don't need Bethesda knocking on our door.





Thread Locked.

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